FLRNZ is a collection of fine jewelry for strong women. 

With a commitment to high quality materials and seasonless design, each FLRNZ piece is hand crafted using ancient wax casting techniques, and designed to imbue the wearer with a sense of ownership and powerful style. 

Bridging the gap between sculpture and jewelry, FLRNZ is worn to stand out and to protect, while remaining mindful of the important human desire to beautify and adorn oneself. 

FLRNZ has a commitment to sustainable design and local production. We work with a family owned casting company in New York's jewelry district, and use only recycled silver and gold for production.

Berkeley Keller is a self taught designer who has lived and worked in New York for close to a decade. Berkeley forms each piece by hand in her Brooklyn studio, and is always ready for a new creative endeavor. Please reach out to info@flrnznyc.com to say hello and inquire about custom inquires.

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